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So, quick question...


How difficult & stressful should learning music be?


The answer...not at all! 


  • Assoc. Degree in Music (UTAS), Dip Music in Performance (Jazz/Popular) (NMIT)
  • Currently in the last year of a BTeach/BArts degree at the Australian Catholic University
  • 18 years experience teaching all ages.
  • After school or evening lessons available.
  • Specialising in the complete beginner.
  • Structured, tailored lessons to suit the student’s needs
  • All ages welcome


Hi, I'm Tony. I've been teaching for over 18 years and I really believe that anyone can learn how to play the piano. All you need is time, a willingness to learn and a teacher who can structure each lesson so that regular consistent progress is made. 

That's really all there is to it! 

So it doesn't matter if you're an adult complete beginner who believes they're too old to learn, or those who learnt as children (and then foooooooolishly gave it up!) or if you're a six year old who doesn't know their left from their right. With the right attitude and the right approach, students won't have time to feel discouraged.

And I should know.....because that's where I came from. And let me tell you, there were many years when I felt just that.

I was once like you...a complete, self-taught beginner. And I thought that once I had lessons, everything would change, right? But the lessons didn't help because there was no structure to them, no homework, no weekly quizes to test what I'd learnt the previous week. In fact, in most cases, IF I was given something to take away and learn, I was never asked to play it the following week. Nothing was ever written down - we were just sailing from lesson to lesson.

Now I ask you, how could anyone make progress learning in such a way? Well, if you're determined like I was then you'll get there in the end. But it'll take you years. And that's what happened to me. I was always able to read music (by counting up the notes!) but I can't tell you how many sightreading tests I failed just because I was never shown how to read properly.

But those days are long behind me. And I really want to use my experience to help future students so that when you sit down, you feel inspired to play, and never discouraged or feel like it's a chore.

I take the mystery out of reading and playing music so I guarantee you’ll be reading from the first lesson!


So what are you waiting for? Contact Me and let's get started!




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